Harold has keen sense for business owners needs and translates information and knowledge into business and financial planning. He understands what it takes to be a business owner and is a great resource to assist companies to become more successful and profitable.​
Jerry Schwaller, President, Arizona Bank & Trust


Harold has worked with me as a strategic advisor and mentor for the last decade. Over this time, I have bought, sold, and started many business ventures. His experience insight, and ability to see things before they happen has proven to be invaluable​.
Jesse Gee, Chairman & CEO, Going Green Solar


In good economic times, it is wise to have external advisors and board members. But in chaotic economic times,it is IMPARATIVE! Harold focuses on priorities and executes…he knows how to connect the dots​.
Ed Zito, President, Alliance Bank


Harold is an engaging and savvy business resource and is active in working and mentoring business entrepreneurs. He is in the action as a focused businessman set on revolving issues and building consensus.
Scott Summers, EVP, National Bank of Arizona


Harold is the preeminent liaison in the phoenix metro area for growing companies seeking funding from banking or private equity sources. His connections and advice has proved invaluable to me during difficult times we have faced. His Crossroads Forums never fail to provide a rich source of information and networking with your peers and the opportunity to step back and see the bigger picture.
Mark J. Weathers, President and Owner, Excaliber Precision


I have never met another person with as much history and knowledge about top to bottom workings of a business in my life. He has impacted my business in ways i could not have imagined. From banking lines to sales process and marketing strategy, and beyond.
Babe Kilgore, President & CEO, One Energy


Over the past forty years I have spent starting and building my construction business I haven’t met many business professionals more knowledgeable than Harold. He has become a trusted friend and mentor.
Claude Amerson, President & CEO, TP Acoustics,Inc.


Harold is a very smart student of the school of hard knocks and can bring his “advanced degree” into any board room. His delicate, but firm demeanor allows him to provide effective and honest guidance to leadership.
Michael Garnreiter, V.P. & Treasurer Shamrock Foods, Chairman of Taser


Harold has been a member of Unicon’s Board of Directors for over 10 years. In those years he has supplied incredible support and unique perspective based on his vast experience in a number of businesses. His wiliness to always be there when needed makes Harold a special and valuable asset to our company.
John C Blakey, Chairman & CEO, UNICON, Inc.


Crossroad Forum members can gain insightful information they can utilize in their business . As a former member on the Board of Directors of a Fortune 500 company, I recognize Harold’s ability and experience to enhance the responsibilities of any board and help grow shareholder equity.
Robert Nowack, Vice President and Board member, Graybar Electric Co. (retired)


Harold’s ability to understand current situations and offer guidance is unrivaled by anyone I have met in business in my past 27 years. His advice is always “spot on”. I would advise anyone that’s serious about improving their companies financial performance to call Harold and his team, You will be glad you did.
Baron Adelman, President & CEO, Techniquex, Inc.


I have been a member of Harold’s Crossroads Forums since 2007 and found it a great place to connect and network with business owners to learn and grow my business knowledge. Crossroads always seem to have timely and valuable information and I have benefited from being part of this community of members.
Mike Brewer , President, Brewer Industries


I have known Harold and his Crossroads forums for over 10 years. I have had the opportunity to watch Harold take several business’s from start- up phase to now doing over several million dollars in revenue and net income. He is an effective board member or consultant to any company.
Jack W Jensen, President, Arizona Business Bank


I have known Harold and attended his forums for more than a decade. As a business owner, I have sought his advice several times related to financial structure, debt and growth. His corporate bandwidth and experience is invaluable when one is seeking wisdom on such things as focus, expansion, harvesting and more.
Mike Stewart, President & CEO, Predictive Group


Harold is a trusted corporate adviser of mine since 2007. He is extremely competent on complex corporate, legal and financial issues, his solid advice, provides sincere and honest ethical “best practices’ to my industry and others.
Adrienne Gill, Capital Markets, Tutor Perini Building Corp.


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